About Helsesista's online store

welcome ❤
Here you will find the books "Helsesista #vågåvære" - mainly written for young people and "Dare to be an adult" - mainly written for adults. You will also find merch, clothes and products, which we hope can give you or someone you know extra joy and motivation to dare to be. Dare to be is about finding the courage within yourself to do just that - in so many different ways. It applies to all of us, in big or small challenges that life gives us.
"It's not important what you're going to be when you grow up. What is important is who you already ARE, and who you choose to be," says Tale. By meeting people with openness, curiosity and respect, we create a larger space for everyone to belong, be themselves and be seen and accepted for who they are. This is how we build the community bigger and make it easier for everyone to feel that they belong.
#happymoment is an inspiration to notice, enjoy and feel gratitude in the small, good moments. Which occurs when we experience something that makes us happy. When we achieve something, when someone smiles at us, when we feel something good - something beautiful we see, something delicious we eat or the warmth of a good hug. What makes us happy so that our eyes sparkle is different for all of us - but feeling emotions such as joy and mastery - gives meaning to life.
The income from what is sold in the online store, after production and distribution have been deducted, mainly goes to support the work we do at Helsesista AS, and the work Tale does on social media as Helsesista. We also have a separate account called "Gullgleding". 10% of the income from sales in the online store will go directly to this account. At Helsesista AS, we sometimes choose to donate money to individual projects or good causes that also bear our values, and which intend to support people in daring to be - and for real joy.

An example of that is that in May 2022 we donated NOK 20,000 to Nursing on Wheels in Oslo, for their splicing to get a new car from which they work when they meet and help people in the drug and prostitution environment in the capital.
Another example is that we spontaneously want to spread joy to individuals - such as when Tale sometimes buys ice cream for everyone who wants it, where she is on her birthday on 25 July.

Some of the merch we sell in our store has rainbow colors. 10% of the income from these specific products will be put into a separate account marked "Support for LGBT+". Here at Helsesista AS, we want to support individual projects and purposes that specifically target this target group.

Thank you very much for shopping in our store and spreading the word, helping to make a difference!