Our history

The Instagram account @frida.tegner was created in February 2021, when Frida Marie Grande (30) was on sick leave from her job at Amnesty and desperate for a hobby. Since then, there have been battles with drawings and political messages that often hit home.
Frida's wish has been to create attention around issues she is concerned with - and to give people something tangible to react with when Norway's population is exposed to trials.
Clipping from TV2 - Fridategner and Even Bø Ruud in Merchberry
This is what happened after the attack in Oslo on the night of 25 June 2022. Frida woke up to a friend calling and telling her about a shooting in the city centre. After that she couldn't go back to sleep. Instead, she picked up her iPad and sat down to draw, and the next day this drawing became an important symbol of shock, compassion and unity in our country.

On Sunday of the same weekend, Frida was contacted by Even Bø Ruud in Merchberry, who wanted to help her set up an online store and sell Pride merch. Both parties agreed that all profits should go to Oslo Pride, and so it was. In just 24 hours, the online store was ready and when it was launched on Monday evening, the response came immediately. The shop had a turnover of 300,000 in just a few hours and the commitment was enormous from all over the country. Even subcontractors cut costs at all levels to contribute to the effort.

In December 2022, we were finally able to transfer a total of NOK 1,012,787 to Oslo Pride.

In the future, we will continue to provide support from our turnover to important projects. By shopping in this online store, you are helping to support organizations that work for a better world every single day. At the end of each calendar year, we donate at least 1 percent of our total turnover to one or more organizations that work with the themes featured on our products.